"A successful franchise program can only be achieved through a teamwork of qualified professionals. As an attorney with over 38 years practicing franchise law, I appreciate the opportunity to work with experienced franchise consultants like the Stanwood Group who have the long term interests of their clients and the franchise industry at heart."


David L. Steinberg, Franchise Attorney

David L. Steinberg, P.C.

Southfield, MI


"My experience with the team at the Stanwood Group has been exceptional. Their support, direction and expertise has allowed us to launch the perfect franchise offering to the marketplace and we are excited as we continue to open more locations with the Stanwood Group."

Jared Welch, President

Civil Axe Throwing

Memphis, TN

We had the most wonderful experience working with Mr. Katz from the Stanwood Group who personally assisted us and one of our clients in South Florida last year. Mr. Katz is the definition of professionalism and excellence in the field of Franchise Development. We look forward to continuing to work with him and the Stanwood Group in future engagements with our international portfolio of clients looking to franchise in the United States.


Nina Rivay, Executive Assistant

James Gagel, Esq.

Gagel Law Firm

Washington, D.C. 

"Having been practicing franchise law for over 30 years and working with some of the nation’s leading franchise development companies, Stanwood stands out as a leader in the franchise community supporting small businesses."


Sam Morrison, Franchise Attorney

Morrison Law Offices, P.C.

Atlanta, Georgia

Looking to franchise your business? Confused by the process? Unsure whom you can trust? Look no further! The team at Stanwood Group took what seemed like a gigantic task and made it into one of the easiest, most informative processes that we have ever been part of. Everyone we dealt with made themselves available at the most convenient times for us such as weekends, evenings, etc.  The process was never, ever rushed or forced upon us and we received honesty and transparency throughout the process. Now that our franchise is up and running, they continue to help us throughout the advertising process as well in other areas that pop up from time to time. Please do yourself a favor, stop searching in all the wrong places and contact The Stanwood Group today!


Thomas Guth, Jr. & Kristin Fenimore, Owners

Steel City Beards & Shears

Bethlehem, PA

"The Stanwood Group has been a pinnacle of good business practices and customer service during the process to franchise our business Stryke Fitness. Robert Katz himself and the rest of the team walked us through the process in a way that provided us with complete confidence that we were making the right decision to franchise the Stryke Fitness virtual platform. The Stanwood Group was absolutely wonderful to work with. We are so excited that they represent us now and will continue to do so in the years to come. Thank you Robert and the rest of the Stanwood Team for all of your hard work and guidance. "

Chris Mcnally and Erin Mansour, Owners

Stryke Fitness Franchise, LLC

Charleston, SC

I have been in the fitness industry for over 20 years and it was always a dream of mine to one day have a fitness franchise. In July of 2020, a fellow fitness acquaintance recommended the Stanwood Group which had the perfect solution to our problem "how can we franchise when it's so expensive?” The unique Stanwood fee structure was perfect for us! An affordable up front retainer and a future commission on initial franchises sold. The other huge benefit was that their overall fee to franchise was much lower than the competition!  


Price advantage aside, our experience with Robert Katz and our franchise attorney Jonathan Stanwood was very "hands on" with good sound professional advice! In less than 3 months, we had everything we needed to begin selling our franchise.


We are looking forward to the future in having a successful partnership with Robert Katz and Jonathan Stanwood! I would highly recommend you reach out and see how they can be of service to you!


Sonja Steward, President

FIT/ology Fitness Franchise Systems, LLC

Co-Owner FIT/ology Fitness Boutique

"If you have ever dreamed of franchising your business, look no further! My exprience working with the Stanwood Group has been nothing short of spectacular at a price point I never dreamed was possible.  I am so proud to be franchising my online hot yoga franchise and owe all of it to the Stanwood Group for believing in me by providing the knowledge, direction and tearing down those financial barriers that otherwise wouldn't have made my dream a reality."

Janielle Lucas, President

Hot Asana Franchise Systems, LLC

Philadelphia, PA

"Everyone at the Stanwood Group have been nothing short of amazing in assisting and facilitating my business towards franchising. Their guidance and support has been phenomenal from start to finish. They are always a phone call away in order to help and assist with any questions I have as a business owner. We are very excited to be franchising and growing our business with the Stanwood Group!"

Brandon Rocco, President

FRLS Fitness

East Ganby, CT

“The Stanwood Group does a truly exceptional job of supporting its franchisors. Being new to the franchise industry, they provided me with the tools, support and mentoring needed for success! They have been a key differentiator in our franchise business allowing us to continue to expand throughout the United States.”


Pat Perkins, Vice President Franchise Sales

Civil Axe Throwing

Memphis, TN

“I highly recommend the Stanwood Group for businesses wishing to explore franchising. I am continually impressed with their attention to detail, responsiveness, and willingness to go the extra mile.  I always enjoy working with Stanwood Group clients because I know they have been given thoughtful, experienced guidance.  When the Stanwood Group refers a new franchise to me for legal representation, I know they are going to be organized, prepared, and have all the tools for success!”  

Hannah Kaufman Joseph, Franchise Attorney

Katz Korin Cunningham

Indianapolis, IN

The Stanwood Group assisted us in developing our new Urban Boxing Franchise System. We interviewed a good number of franchise development companies and decided to proceed with the Stanwood Group. Our experience working with them was first class. Robert Katz himself was professional, knowledgeable, always displayed the highest level of integrity and was always very giving of his time. The abundance of work products and services that we have received along with our Franchise Disclosure Document prepared by the Franchise Attorney they introduced us to for what we spent in total is simply unheard of today from other franchise professionals. We look forward to growing our new franchise program now that we possess the tools to expand and can honestly say that without the Stanwood Group’s expertise, guidance, industry connections and of course competitive discount pricing, we simply would not be in the position we are today to franchise our business.

Burak Temel, CEO
Urban Boxing
Washington, D.C.

"We are very pleased with our decision to work with the Stanwood Group.  Making the decision to franchise our business was a big step and the Stanwood Group has made it an easy and affordable process. The customer service, attention to detail and the final product have been excellent; we highly recommend working with the Stanwood Group to anyone looking to franchise their business." 

Jennifer Epolito Co-Owner

FLEXcity Fitness

Grand Rapids, MI

The Stanwood Group has given me tremendous guidance with promoting and growing my emerging brand. Robert Katz has been an amazing resource to me, as a new franchisor. He is honest, knowledgeable and very patient as he spends a lot of his time sharing his expertise in the complicated franchising business. I'm very grateful for his assistance. 


Lisa Dowd, Founder

Cheesy Street Grill 

Natick, MA

"I am the co-owner of FLEXcity Fitness based in Michigan and have had a wonderful experience working with Robert Katz and the Stanwood Group. We developed idea of franchising our virtual fitness platform which they have been instrumental in making our vision a reality. They have done such a great job guiding us and supporting us through the process. They are super timely, professional and easy to work with. Their expertise makes for an easy process. We look forward to a long working relationship with them."


Trista Parisian, Co-Owner

FLEXcity Fitness

Lansing, MI

"Franchise Gator is proud to be partnering with The Stanwood Group in providing outstanding digital advertising opportunities to Stanwood's exciting North American network of coast to coast franchisors!"

Eric Bell, General Manager


Roswell, GA

"Stanwood has been incredible to work with.  Not only delivering great outcomes, but have also kept my costs to a level I never thought possible.  The team at Stanwood is deep, experienced, and highly responsive.  No matter what the situation or inquiry, they have been there to weigh in as true partners would. I would highly recommend their services to anyone looking to expand their horizons to the world of franchising."

David Levy, President

Fulcrum Fitness

Portland, OR

"Outstanding group to work with to start your journey in the world of franchising. They are detail-oriented, driven, and available day and night to help you succeed! I highly recommend them!"


David M. Dimberio, Founder & President

Combat Ops Entertainment

Fort Wayne, IN

"I had a great experience recently working with the Stanwood Group. They were very knowledgeable, helpful, and really took their time to help me find the right franchise to purchase based on my individual interests and budget."

Zeina Mouzannar

Philadelphia, PA

"The Stanwood Group has been incredible to work with. Franchising is a big decision and the Stanwood Group was able to navigate me through every step of the process. Their attention to detail in the development of documents and proper preparation of the company to get ready for Franchising has been nothing short of remarkable. Literally anytime I had a  question I was met with not only the answer but an explanation so I could better understand the entire process. We highly recommend the Standwood Group when making your decision to Franchise."

Elliot Heim, President

Sterling Interstate

Phoenix, AZ

"It is great to work with The Stanwood Group because they are knowledgeable and they have high integrity. They demystified the franchising process."

Richard Pike, President 

Sweat Central

Scarsdale, NY

"The Stanwood Group is one of the most exciting and innovative franchise development companies disrupting the traditional often overpriced franchise industry by helping small businesses grow where that was simply not possible before, by providing affordable turn-key solutions that otherwise have been costly and confusing to the client.  The team at Stanwood not only offers their cutting edge services affordably but they also hold your hand throughout the entire process, beginning to end. Having known the principals for 10 years, they are by far one of the hardest workers I know and will bend over backwards to assist their clients in being successful."

Jen Groover, Serial Entrepreneur

Author, International Speaker,

Serial Entrepreneur & Media Contributor

Philadelphia, PA

"The Stanwood Group has the franchise business consulting resources I need as I continue to scale my business. Their consultants are a wealth of knowledge and experience. They patiently answered all my questions, produced great results and now I feel like they are truly a vested partner in my success. I’m finding tremendous value in the ongoing relationship I have with them."


Leighanna Murphy, Owner


Palo Alto, CA

"Since working with the Stanwood Group,  I have been extremely impressed with their knowledge and professionalism.  They have pushed us to deliver the best message, which in turns, drives us to dive deeper into our business to be a successful franchise.  From sales and marketing to human resource and financials, with the Stanwood Group you will learn more about yourself and your business, which only ignites excitement for the future.  My team and I are excited to continue our partnership with the Stanwood Group and look forward to the success they can help bring."

Curtis Meier, President/CEO


Cedar Rapids, IA

"I have had a personal and professional relationship for many years with the Stanwood Group. I have enjoyed working with them and their emerging franchisor clients which has proven to be a successful formula giving access to new franchise companies to the marketplace in a manageable and cost-effective way that would otherwise be unobtainable to those new franchisors due to the otherwise overpriced cost to franchise their business through traditional means.

Jonathan H. Stanwood, Franchise Attorney
Law Offices of Jonathan H. Stanwood
Philadelphia, PA

"When I made the decision to expand and franchise Sculpt360, the Stanwood Group has helped every step of the way.  The world of franchising can be a lot to navigate and having the Stanwood Group in my corner has allowed me to be ready to franchise Sculpt360 the right way.  They have a wealth of knowledge that only comes from years of experience and now I can share that knowledge with my franchisees.  The Stanwood Group has also guided me strategically in many aspects of my core business going well above and beyond their original scope of work in which we hired them for.  Even if you are just exploring the option of franchising your business, I would highly recommend having a conversation with the Stanwood Group first."

Stephanie Luongo, Owner

Sculpt360 Fitness

Philadelphia, PA

Five Stars!  Great business advisors!  Had a wonderful experience working with them!

Pawel Jan
Architect Salon
Philadelphia, PA

"I highly recommend the Stanwood Group if you are considering franchising your business. Our experience was excellent from presentation through the filing of all paperwork. Every step was handled in a professional and timely manner."

Gregg Reed, President
Barry G’s Italian Ice LLC

Grand Rapids, MI

I cannot say enough good things about my experience working with everyone at the Stanwood Group. Everything was prepared in a professional manner and delivered on time as promised. They were very generous with their time and always made themselves available to assist me whether it be a simple question or an unforeseen problem that I needed help with. They have been so supportive of both myself and my business throughout the Coronavirus Pandemic. If you’re looking to franchise your business at humane prices and want the assistance of experienced, professional, good, honest, compassionate people, then look no further and give them a call today.


Britney Gonsalvez, Owner 


Temecula, CA

"Elman Technology Law is honored to have been selected as a preferred provider of intellectual property services for clients of The Stanwood Group."


Gerry J. Elman, J.D.

Elman Technology Law, P.C.

Swarthmore, PA

"When experience makes all the difference, there is one name that comes to mind when I think of Franchise Consulting and Sales Services.  My office has been fortunate to work with many of Stanwood's clients.  I'd recommend Stanwood's services to businesses looking to franchise that won’t break the bank!  I can speak firsthand when I say, “business owners derive tremendous value from Stanwood's services as they are represented with the highest level of professionalism and integrity."

Sarah Holmes, Franchise Attorney

Holmes Business Law, P.C.

Ardmore, PA

"World Class Service without the big ticket price tag! They have been fabulous to work with, taking all the guesswork out of the process.  We look forward to many years to come working with our friends at The Stanwood Group!"


Larry Rosenblum, Owner

Spread Bagelry

Philadelphia, PA

I explored many avenues to grow my business, and decided that franchising was the best option to achieve my goals. I had done extensive research regarding the franchising process to know that I needed the guidance of experienced professionals. I began looking for assistance, and found many companies that would help me through the process, however the fees that they charged made my dream nearly impossible. When I found the Stanwood Group, I discovered they had a fee structure that was extremely reasonable, particularly with very low up-front costs, allowing me to move forward. Whereas most companies charge excessive up front fees, the Stanwood Group makes their money on the back-end, in a very equitable way through our growth.  I appreciate how they have a vested interest in making my franchise successful. They have been fantastic to work with. I have a great level of comfort knowing that they are dedicated to my success.  Any time I have a question, they are always available to talk, and eager to explain the process in terms that I can understand. They provide the resources needed to make a complicated process as easy as possible. I highly recommend working with the Stanwood Group to anyone who dreams of franchising their business.  I look forward to a long and profitable future with them."

Malin Parker, Owner

Screaming Goat Taqueria

Sarasota, FL

"Bear Paddle Swim School is very excited to be partnering with the Stanwood Group to locate and identify the future leaders of our Franchise Opportunity. The direction and focus from the Stanwood Group really aligns with the Bear Paddle mission to find passionate, driven individuals that are looking to enrich their community and business life."

Robin Everson, Founder & Owner

Bear Paddle Swim School

Aurora, IL

I never even imagined I could expand my business at this level until I was introduced to the Stanwood Group. They have walked me through every step of this process with incredible guidance making this journey as easy as possible for us. I felt like I was a priority through this entire process.

Sherri McGee, Owner
Rejuvenate Integrative Wellness

Charlotte, NC

"Making the decision to expand my business was a big step to take. I could not be more happy with the decision I made to take that big step.  The Stanwood Group has provided me with a turn key affordable solution to expand my business by using several growth channels, which has provided us an experience unlike I have ever experienced before from professional advisors. Working with the Stanwood Group has been one of the best decisions I have made for my business.  If you're interested in expanding your business, the Stanwood Group is the clear choice in making your dreams of expanding a reality."

Gwendolyn Carry, Owner

Chez Bow Wow

Philadelphia, PA

“The Stanwood team has been great to work with, and in particular my contact Robert Katz has been very knowledgeable. They truly partner with their clients as they walk down the path together franchising your business, making sure risks are properly managed while also helping to create an attractive offering to drive leads. I'm impressed and delighted they selected me to partner with."

Mark Nelson, Owner

Nelly Belly Pizza & Piadina

Avon Lake, OH

"The Stanwood Group provided our company with the necessary tools, vision and direction needed to continue to expand our Verizon Wireless franchised store chain throughout the United States.  We are very pleased with our decision to work with The Stanwood Group and have had nothing short of a terrific experience!"

Fahad Ilahi, President

Verizon Wireless

The Wireless Squad

Philadelphia, PA

"Proud to be a strategic partner to The Stanwood Group. Stanwood has consulted with ZACS International on numerous franchise projects we performed for such companies as: Burger King, Domino's Pizza, Extend Stay America, Fresh City, Salad Works, Nestle Toll House, Popeyes and many more providing Architectural, Interior Design and Construction Fit Out Administration Services."


Ben Catarinicchia, President

ZACS International

Yardville, NJ

"Hands down, great experience with this team of professionals! They exceeded our expectations every step of the way. The work they have done continues to pay off!  In a world filled with professional consultants, these guys truly stand out amongst the rest!"

Josh Fenwick, President

Lion Gaming & Travel Group

Medford, NJ

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